Wish I’d done this


This section is devoted to the kind of marketing idea I love so much I wish I’d done it myself. And, sometimes, the, er, other kind.

Two such opposite twins co-exist right now. Same client, same agency, same strategy. Nothing to my mind illustrates more plainly the kind of stuff which I think is right, and will therefore be successful. And stuff which is wrong. And won’t.

Carlsberg. World Cup 2006.

Fabulous beer ad. A lot of beer ads aren’t beer ads at all if you know what I mean. As if they were written by a wine drinker, or heaven forbid, a tee-totaler.

This one feels as though it was written in the pub. Well, probably.

There is no higher compliment.

Congratulations to Saatchi & Saatchi.

Carlsberg. World Cup 2010.

Very big. Everyone’s in it. Patriotic? Or Jingoistic? I am not sure a beer ad full of feral, in-your-face screaming is a good idea, even if it is Ian Botham et al doing the screaming. And no “probably” about it.

A smack on the back of the leg to Saatchi & Saatchi.